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Who isnt leaving Kuwait this week?

Who isnt leaving Kuwait this week?

Who isnt leaving Kuwait this week?

Foot Locker has opened in Marina Mall in Kuwait. Looks really nice. Good display & selection.

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8 thoughts on “Get Some Shoes”

  1. but are the sellers experienced?
    i’ve noticed here in kuwait that sellers don’t know any of the qualities or the advantages the shoes have..

    all they know is that the shoes have cushioning, all SHoes have cushioning ;p

  2. what selection? athelets foot has a wider range. i passed by it the day it opened and i was pretty disappointed. they have a very small selection of shoes but every pair is repeated like 20 times

  3. B, I believe so, they seemed competent and there was a guy with a British accent telling them how to arrange the shoes and deal with customers.

    We will see over time if they know the different qualities of shoes.

    M, I said it was nice, not large. The shoes I saw today looked great and were new varieties. I visit Athlete’s Foot frequently and haven’t seen a shoe there that I would buy, and they haven’t updated their collection in ages. Foot Locker had some different varieties, colors and feels better. The guy also said they plan to increase the selection and open more stores around Kuwait.

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