Dean & Deluca Muffin

Finally popped my Macs sticker cherry.

I love going to Dean & Deluca to pick up sandwiches for lunch. They have great variety and at a great price compared to the other options located upstairs. Today I noticed that they have muffins there for 800fils.

I usually wouldn’t pay that much for a muffin, cheapest dosage but I had to give it try. It wasn’t that good. It was way to thick for my liking an didn’t have that chewiness I liked. Oh and there was no muffin head. How do you have a muffin without a head?

4 thoughts on “Dean & Deluca Muffin”

  1. A headless muffin.. interesting.. I wouldn’t buy it in the first place lol
    Then again, I’m not that adventurous hehe

  2. a muffin is not exactly diving…and you didnt get head either…raw deal….
    on a different note…r u sure someone or something didnt get to it first..!!

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