Screw DXB

I really hate this place. Every time I pass through I feel like I am in a refugee camp. Just as soon as you are bused into the terminal. You are faced with the hoards of people lining up for security with the look of confusion. After that they are all lined up on the edges of the terminal. From the ones just passed out to complete tribes all huddled up waiting for their name to be called to escape this purgatory.

Screw this place.

As soon as I left the plane I was hoping for a blue sky and just colors we been devoid of in Kuwait. No such luck its just as bad here but add a tinge of fog and that stench of humidity.

Currently at the business lounge thinking I would escape the horrors of the terminals. Its just as bad in here as it is out there but add a clean shower to the occupants and freeze dried food and alcohol. Might as well as hand us SOMA pills.