Looking at it now and thinking on how I will be in Kuwait tomorrow shows how really more developed tha
n the other countries we are. Our roads and cities and population are so ahead of the other countries
in the area. Yet we are behind in terms of free trade and allowing of foriegn investments. But that is
changing. I believe in 20 years the whole Gulf will be in the same level and that each country will h
ave a speciality.

4 thoughts on “GCC”

  1. I read an article somewhere the other day that there are students in Kuwait who have to study while si
    tting on the floor because their school has no chairs nor tables. Yet, we still manage to build roads
    and airports, among other things for other countries…

    I don’t think they even finished building roads for Janoob ill Sirra or Dahiat Al-Salaam either let al
    one street lights/lamps. People drive on dirt roads, still.

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