Mahmood makes a good point with the hate of the
www. It is really not needed, nurse I even remeber when it didn’t exist and people were using gopher and wh
en the WWW was created people were using web instead of www like web.mit.
. Before you needed a dedicated server or servers with virtual ips to acually have that domain
point to something. Now we dont need that servers are more powerful, discount and once IPv6 gets rolled out everything and anything will have it’s own IP address.

Are we ready to move away from www? I dont think so yet since some sites depend on it as a prefix of y
ou will get nothing. So until their is a complete roll out of websites that ignore the www I guess we
will be stuck using it.

One thing that is cool is Google.com, they dont require the www, you
can even access it with w.google.com and ww.google.com, but suprisingly wwww.google.com with 4w
s doesn’t connect. I emailed them about this, lets see if they will reply or even add it.

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