Can I Catch My Breath?

Saw this at MOC Salmiya.

Saw this at MOC Salmiya.

Who ever said Ramadan in Kuwait is a month of laziness and slacking from work needs to come check with
me cause they got their facts wrong. It has really been non-stop for me lately with work. Up and atom
at 8:30am and back home at 2:00pm, disease just like like regular days so when I get home I just want to cras
h out on that couch and get some rest til futoor.

So after futoor, pharm chill out watching some tv then at 7:30 my Dad and I are out picking up my uncles and
visiting the Diwaniyas. We tend to hit around an average 4 a night. My thighs are so toned from stand
ing up and down and greeting people. So then I get home around 12 drop my Dad off and go visit my frie
nds, and get back home at 2:00 and back to sleep.

Rinse lather repeat.

As you can see I have had no time to do much personal stuff, got to do the Ramadan greetings around to
family and friends. I won’t be done with any of this til Wed. After that I think things will be more
regular and routine and be easier.

Work been hectic running all over the place catching up with things and stuff. Tomorrow I got a long d
rive ahead of me. That is going to be fun. I know once I am done with that trip I am going to passout
in the car while parking in the drive way. I dont think I will have the energy to get out and stumble
on the couch.

We’ll see how that goes. I wanted to go visit firends tonight but got tied up til after midnight with
fighting with my bathroom ceiling. I wont get into much details but I was replacing the whole lamp fix
ture there. Got me a nice new brighter one for my reading. So lets just call it a draw between the cei
ling and I. Rematch on Nov. 29.

2 thoughts on “Can I Catch My Breath?”

  1. the first week of ramadan is always rough… trust me the laziness will kick in next week… evidence?
    check out the malls and starbucks between 6 and 10 now… practically empty… next week starbuck wou
    ld start getting crowded by 8

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