Shake It

Lately i been dancing in the elevator. the song of the momment is lose my breath by destiny child.It i
s such a great song music wise & the video is even more of a kick wth their dancing & moves.
I really need to get my freak on in a club. been a long time since i gone clubbing. we’ll see if I ca
n go out here but doubt it. I have been super busy & not in the city like in Amsterdam where I can hav
e easy access & good transport.
But you never know…

3 thoughts on “Shake It”

  1. 1. Go clubbing after Ramadan, that way your a “good muslim”.
    2. Lay off the german drugs .. no one should be dancing in the elevator. Especially not to Destiny’s c
    hild. THEY HAVE CAMERAS IN THERE, your going to end up on a german funniest videos show.

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