Gladbags and Handbags

I found this picture on Flickr and just loved the design of it and
the color of bronze and pink. The company that makes it is Roug
e Design
. They make some of the coolest bags I’ve ever seen just very colorful and with wonderful
designs and puts the Mukarami – Louis Vuitton stuff to shame.

So if anyone buys something from there get me this The Mountain Tote.

4 thoughts on “Gladbags and Handbags”

  1. GOOD TASTE @@, i loved the colors & designs also how it follows the latest bag guide lines ( fabric or
    leather all over & metal joining the bag to the hand or shoulder hanger peice “madri shno esmha” ;p).

  2. That bag in particular may not be my style, but the site is pretty funky !

    Thank you nibaq, I just added that to my never ending “favorite shopping sites” :)

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