I was with some friend earlier in the night and we drove to Apple Bees by going on the 2nd ring road. Since I was driving I decided to bust out Connie and do some war driving. I didn’t find anything on that road expect RoRo.

I found RoRo on the traffic light between Qadsia and Yarmouk Mansouriya. I didn’t have time to connect to it since the light turned green. Later when we reached the 2nd Ring and Istiqlal Highway I found RoRo again and with a very strong signal. So I connected and found it was a computer to computer connection. It just confused me a signal that strong came was from Qadsia to Dasman. I think it could have been another laptop or even a PDA that was in the car next to me. I am going to be going on that road again later to see if I can find it.

5 thoughts on “RoRo”

  1. Well, one day, I took my laptop with me in the car where I live (in ny), I wasn’t driving. I wanted to see how many wireless connections I could get. Man, I had at least 5 wireless connections every 30 seconds. The signal coming from home by the street is incredibly powerful! It’s the wireless age. So, you call your laptop JoJo. What brand is it by the way, just curious :)

  2. I just checked your flickr photos, and I saw u had a powerbook, so never mind the question, and I envy you for your powerbook. I have to wait for next september to get one.

  3. nibaq is just a confused DS owner. pshhhhglup. whats that sound? your ds getting flushed in my bathroom.

    knock knock
    whos there
    DS Who?
    DS sucks!

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