Going to Take You to a Gay Bar

Going to Take You to a Gay Bar

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Crepaway has been transformed to Divas. There just something about the name that makes me think of place for drag queen & Gloria Gaynor.

Oh and 99.7 suck! On an odd chance this morning I tuned to it & they played 3 crappy country songs in a row.

5 thoughts on “Going to Take You to a Gay Bar”

  1. lol…
    I agree, that’s what the name makes me think of too :P

    “It’s Raining Men” must be on constant rotation there, and everyone inside must look like the Village People, loool…

  2. i just wonder what they have to eat there? i saw their ads but it said nothing about the food…. actually didnt even mention its a restaurant lol

  3. Yeah…I noticed that too. It was a bad ad anyways. badly done. I’m in no rush to go there. I will go one day just to check it out. Hopefully I will not hear..”It’s Raining Men”….LOL

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