Winter or Summer

It is raining.
Waking up this morning I am wondering if it is time to bust out the winter dishdasha, steroids sick or still hang on to the last days of the “summer” wear.

I guess I will do summer but wear the winter undershirt, look and ghotra.

I can’t wait to see the confusion with other Kuwaitis men today on what to wear.

7 thoughts on “Winter or Summer”

  1. Is it true that girls also wait to see the men wear the winter dishdashas and take take it as a sign to start wearing winter clothes for themselves? By the way…I saw a guy wearing a navy blue dishdasha today. he was pimped out!!

  2. I started wearing light winter clothing!
    I am not going to wait for men to change to their winter outfits when I feel cold!!

  3. OK. *Hottest* thing for Kuwaiti men to wear in the winter: a long-sleeved white shirt with a collar and cuff links, all under a black dishdasha.

    A true winter delight.

  4. At yesturdays wedding there were only a handful of men wearing winter dishdashas and one of those guys had a gaping hole in hisa pocket that was apparent cause his keys were hanging out!

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