Why Are They Here?

Why Are They Here?

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I counted 50 of these porters hanging around. They are so pointless to have. I think I saw maybe 10 working the others sitting around doing nothing. I hate how they are demanding.

They will run to your car & even if you are arriving & pushing your cart from the bagge to the car they will shadow you. Then when you reach your car & open the trunk he jumps out & decides to help. Like wtf dont you ask? & where were you when I got the bags?

Who is makinq money from them being here?

4 thoughts on “Why Are They Here?”

  1. Are you kidding? They’re the best thing about Kuwait airport. The last thing I want to do after a long flight is pull my bags off the luggage rack. It’s nice to call over a porter and have him do it for me. And they don’t ask for much – a couple of KD is well worth the trouble.

  2. I’ll agree with McArabian that the service is nice when you need/want it, but there are quite a few shady ones. They can tell by looking at me that I don’t want/need help with my *one* bag (b/c, you know… I growl.). So one might following me all the way to my vehicle, far enough behind that I don’t notice him, and wait for me to open the hatch on the SUV to try and reach for my luggage. It’s nice to have the service available but the “shadowing” I could do with out…

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