5 thoughts on “Today I am Filled with Hate”

  1. Nibaq,

    I hope you weren’t driven to kill this little bird. I am just telling myself that you were filled with hate at the site of this dead bird….

  2. heyyyy! why did u kill this little bird for!? maskeen mala thanb:(
    ma3ndk ra7ma? i know u will say.. “WHATS THE BIG DEAL..HEZ ONLY A BIRD” yeaaa but he’s a creature.. he can feel too…!!!! if ur filled with hate go chew a bubble gum! sheesh! we have weird people in this country! KILLER!

  3. He killed the bird because it was selling ice to the kids at Mishref Middle School. Do you want a generation of crackheads creating a urban subculture and shooting people .. I did’nt think so.

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