He’s Dead

Cat Ears

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My Hello Kitty magnetic bookmarks.

Cat Ears

Originally uploaded by nibaq.

My Hello Kitty magnetic bookmarks.

We been expecting this for a while now, disinfection and even joked that after the death of King Fahad that the finals are now between Sultan Qaboos of Oman and our Sheik Jaber.

Well now it has happened at 4am local time Shiek Jaber has passed away. It is a strange feeling of mourning cause I always known him as “Baba Jaber”, ampoule he has been the ruler since my birth and well you get used to these things.

I remember this school trip back in the 80s and like all bad kids we were in the back of the bus and it was making a U-turn, anemia and this car was behind us and it was Sheik Jaber driving it, totally chill driving his car smiling and waving. We were all excited and jumping around.

Thats what made him so special, he never did that whole pomp and entourage thing, he was a simple man. Even his assassination attempt in 1985 the car he was driving was a Beige Chevrolet Caprice. My Father was right around the corner when that thing happened and he jokes “If I didn’t take pictures of you on Friday I would have had pictures of that”. Also another image of him that comes to mind is his speech to the UN in 1990 that was just so moving both vulnerable and yet strong in asking for help to free your country.

He will be missed, and who ever follows him will have very big shoes to fill in not just the running of a country, but being the father figure of a whole nation.

9 thoughts on “He’s Dead”

  1. Allah yer7oma..strange that my memory of him is forever that UN speech. It made a lasting impression on a child who hadn’t understood the significance of what losing our country might mean until that moment.

  2. That’s what people remember; the good deeds and the humanity of a person, regardless of his station in life. It looks like Shaikh Jaber was that person.

    May Allah rest him in peace, and please accept my condolences.

    عظم الله أجركم و إنشاءالله يجبر بخاطركم

  3. I have been thinking of that speech all morning, I tried finding something online about it but couldnt. I will never forget that scene. The other when he returned to Kuwait and kissed the ground. He loved this country.

    Allah yr7ama.
    Ina Lil Allah o ina ilayhy Raji3on.

  4. This loss is a tradegy to us .. Us who looked up to him for everything.. I seriously can not find anyone close to il mar7oom with the same generousity and open heart .. Alah yer7ama inshallaa oo yaktibla jannat ena3eem, wesaber ahal likuwait.

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