The Boy Who Went Forth to Learn Pain

We are all some what familiar with the story The Boy Who Went Forth to Learn Fear and it is many variations. Yet there does exist a boy who does not know pain. Seems there is this rare medical disorder that doesn’t allow him to feel pain, salve and he doesn’t cry when he is hungry, symptoms or needs changing since it doesnt’ physically bother him.

This is just the strangest and freakiest thing:

According to Axelrod, levels of pain vary.

“For some children it’s a mild degree such as breaking a leg, they’ll get up and walk on the leg. They feel that something is uncomfortable but they keep on moving,” she said. “For other children, the pain loss is so severe that they can injure themselves repetitively and actually mutilate themselves because they don’t know when to stop.”

The boy even mutiliated his own tongue when he was teething cause well he felt no pain when he bit it.

This is actually scary to imagine a child’s life like that. Really gives you a glimpse on what pain does to the human body, it sets limits and well it is a better understanding of your body and life.

6 thoughts on “The Boy Who Went Forth to Learn Pain”

  1. if they can produce soliders who are genetically modified aganist pain like him, then we all would be in trouble.

  2. I once saw a girl who had that disease and it was so sad…I mean she would continously get burnt cause she could never tell when anything was hot, like a stove or something…

    who would have thought that something a lot of people would wish for – a life without pain – could actually be so horrible…

  3. There seems to be a lot of other problems with this genetic disorder: Not being able to sweat, depth perception irregularities…

    If we took Purg’s idea, we would have to control for all of the other concerns, otherwise the soldiers would be either swooning with heat or shooting at something out of range. It would take, as you mentioned Nibaq , genetic modification as well as psychological training so that they do NOT self-mutilate.

    It would be a company of soldiers that would be incredible, but not immortal. They still bleed, whether they feel it or not.

    Pain saves us from others…and ourselves. As Silas said, “Pain…is good.”

  4. dear all,

    on the whole “cool for soldiers” issue – it’s very bad for soldiers not to feel pain, because, as c already pointed out, painless people still do get hurt. a soldier MUST feel pain to understand that he’s hurt and therefore take care of the injury. the goal of “future soldier” research is to come up with better protection, enhanced mobility, and better connectivity. the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency ( – you know, the guys who’d invented the internet in … the 60s) is responsible for that. in case anyone cares.

    i DO wonder if they’d been involved in “shewrites”‘ disappearance.


  5. Didn’t Germany work on their Ubermen concept during WW2? If I recall correctly they were feeding their soldiers speed, ecxtasy and other stimulants so they wouldn’t need to eat, feel pain and well even sleep.

    Raf also most of the research in to soldiers uniforms aren’t made to inform the soldier of their where abouts or personal health status but the command HQ. So they can intergrate to their painless soldier. So when he gets shot or wounded the HQ will know and give him order to either stand down, or continue. They are still just pawns in a chess field.

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