15 thoughts on “What is Worse?”

  1. hmmmmm .. I have to agree with the Don, but also .. running out of deoderant is worst than toothpaste, i can keep a pack of gums with me through the day you know….

  2. Running with no legs. What a drag.

    Though to address your question, running out of deo is worse. It’s a lot easier to take some toothpaste from your sibling’s Crest than to borrow his or her roll-on-deo.

  3. I guess I’m the odd one out. Toothpaste is definitely worse. Then again I only wear deodorant when it’s going to be hot out. Otherwise it itches too much.

  4. Skully, Kuwait == Hot. So it is mandatory with the tempatures here.

    I used to get itches too til I found a good brand that helped.

    You also have nice shiny teeth.

  5. We all know there are people here in Kuwait that SKIP the deo and think that they smell good simply because they POURED cologne or perfume all over their bodies.

    It’s a fascinating combination, body odor and bug-spray-esque cologne. It’s a combination assault on the senses, making your eyes water and your nose bleed.

  6. Caff you reminded me. I was with this one guy that must have lost his sense of smell. He just stinks. He sometimes has this chemical smell to it like he just walked from Halabja.

    You try to hint, suggest but sometimes you just got to tell the guy “you stink”.

  7. I alway have deodorant backups, 3 cans at home, 1 in the car and 1 at work. i think i have some kind of psychological issue.

  8. bad breath > rotten ‘pits (if and only if) # of people I have to talk to * average distance between me and people > 100x # of hours since last shower * strength of downwind * elbow elevation (in radians)


  9. running out of gas is the worst.
    Then you have to wait in the sun and sweat and the deoderant wont do much to ease it up

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