A Blade Runner

A blade runner is a movie that you can never finish because as soon as you start it you pass out.

This started when I was watching the movie Blade Runner last summer. I think it took me about 3 weeks to finish it. I would watch it every night, epilepsy cystitis
see about 5 minutes and just pass out. It was a long and hard battle but I finished it eventually.

So my latest Blade Runner is the movie Solyaris . I have been watching at nights and afternoons and fall asleep after just mere minutes. It is a hard struggle to watch and understand due to that the subtitles do not match the english over dubbing. So I am pay attention to two different dialouges. They sometimes match, website and other times just go off in different ways, side effects or one has less information than the other.

Overall I am enjoying the movie, well the parts I remember and recall where I left off. Got to appreciate DVDs and their chapter selection system. It is a very visual movie, and has some interesting thoughts on what goes on in the mind of a person.

Hopefully when I finish watching it I will have time to watch it fully and see it with all its glory.

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