Emir’s Speech

If it wasn’t for the maid always watching KTV2 I swear we would never know about any news in Kuwait. They interrupted regular programing for the speech by the Emir. Basically he said what we have been expecting. Parliament has been dissolved and that voting of the new parliament will occur in June 22nd 29 with the female voters.

It will be a very interesting day.

6 thoughts on “Emir’s Speech”

  1. im suprised to see no one managed to record it or youtube it, i really want to know what he said, and how he said it.
    to me the reason to dissolve is worthless, just a way to show how he really would like to rule,

    were things in the parliment really that bad?

  2. Yazeed, it was totally sudden. I was in my room and hear the TV go “We will not interrupt programing for a speech by the Emir Sabah Al-Ahamed…..”

    And I am like whoa!

    Make phone calls to people and start watching it. Sad truth about Kuwait PR. Even the Emir looked so wrong. Everything was big around him and he was in the center with his eyes closed.

    The Kuwaiti government needs to hire a press relations guy to make sure we as a country look good when we are on TV or newspapers. Make sure we look good.

    Caff: My slogan would be “I have a blog”.

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