Hating the Arabic World Cup Commentary

The Arabic commentary for the World Cup games is driving me crazy the guy is speaking out of his ass and just goes off on tangents and I dont know what. He just doesn’t shut up.

I saw on the bottom of the game that there is a way to switch to English commentary by going to WolrdCup.3 at a certain frequency but can’t seem to find it

Anyone know how to get it working for English?

Update: Finally some how it automagically showed up after searching and adding. It was so nice to hear a nice British commentator giving nice tidbits, physician being quiet when nothing was going on and giving a respectable commentary.

5 thoughts on “Hating the Arabic World Cup Commentary”

  1. The ART package supposed to have an english channel, if not, trying pressing the audio channel. there’s a special audio button on the remote that changes the audio feed.

  2. Carl, I tried that but all it does it kill the video feed, guess either there are problems or it wasn’t working.

    I got the WorldCup.3 thing now and its peaceful again in my brain. The only issue is you dont get any visuals like time, score etc.

  3. The english commentary is as bad when he is Irish. He also looks like a leprachaun(lol), plus he talks like speedy gonzales on speed and he says punch lines like Buh wah lum cup-onn tay.Dont know what it means but i think he wants tea :S.

  4. It seems like you are the ass,
    because you seem like some English
    speaking jerk who has no regards
    for other people’s language and
    culture. So don’t show your short
    coming by making statements like that.

  5. Syed, no simply the Arabic announcer sucks. They never stop talking, doesn’t change his voice to show excitement, tells stupid facts, and repeat themselves constantly.

    One great example, the EuroCup where the guy kept say “Rooney al-sagyar”

    It is not about the language but the content.

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