No More Croc Hunting

Tiredness sleep.

Tiredness sleep.

What a day; this was a full museum trifecta.

The first one that I went to was the Gezira Art Center: Musuem of Islamic Ceramics.

This was a great musuem that had ceramic art ranging from the Fatimiya/Abasyia period and the all the way till if I recall correctly the Ottoman empire.Really wonderful works you can see the many influnces from Persian and even Chinese art in thse pieces in terms of color and brush styles. There were two peices that caught my eye. One was a regular jug but the Persian writing was in reverse, drugs I pointed it out to the curator and even he was astonished bny it for he never noticed it. The other was more of a pcractical thing, some juges came with artistic war filtering system that would block debris in the water from coming out.

After this musuem it was the Mohammed Mahmood Khalil Musuem. This one is a totally different collection. It is based on Khalil private collection of contempary European art. There was a Van Gogh, Renior, Monet and many others. There was also a large collection of small Chinese boxes and I guess from the few that were opened had some religous or scenic thing.

After a light lunch it was time for the Musuem of Egyptian Modern Art and this was really overwhelming. I really can’t go into explaining or even capturing the stuff that is in here. They were filling the walls with art and it was so many. So many colors, shapes and styles. I was talking to the guy there and he told me there is even more in storage. Such a shame for it is great stuff, but just so much to take in at one sitting.

This is where I got a bit lost. I decided to walk to my hotel. I recalled from the taxi ride that the Marriot hotel, which is a great place to stay in Cairo. Good location, nice rooms (Zamalek Tower) and great facilities in food and others.

So I started walking, and walking and um walking. I asked a couple times and they said it was straight and I knew it was, but they also mentioned it was a long way and boy it was long.

But I enjoyed it I was checking out street signs and taking pictures of them. I was walking on Om Khaltom road and just kept taking pictures of the street sign and the cool or strange part was that each street sign had a differt stytle adn sometimes name for her. Either Mrs Om Khalthom or just Om Khalthom or just Arabic.

This also gave me a chacne to walk in to the Cairo neighborhoods and it is filled with some great life. Really feels just wodnerful walking in the city with the people livin gtheir lives around you.

I kept walking and finalyl think I got whereII needed to be and still felt lost, then I recall this building I took pictures of from my hotel room and it was infront of me and was just across the street. I got back around 8 and was dead tired.

Oh the picture that is attached has a strange story. The Islamic art musuem is located in an old castle/palace built around early 1900s and this watch was located in the upstairs bathroom by the sink where the mirror would be. It was just strange for it to be there and especially at that time.

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