Getting Arabic in You P990i and M600

The new Midas in Dujeej/Farwaniya is huge and very well designed and with some great stuff. Really a sight to see.

The new Midas in Dujeej/Farwaniya is huge and very well designed and with some great stuff. Really a sight to see.

Barrack and other Sony Ericsson retailers in Kuwait are currently charging 10kd for bad Arabic support on your P990i and M600 phones, prosthetic when all they are doing it copying over some Window fonts and that you can do it at home for FREE.

So after reading this post change the system font for P990/M600 to find out where to place the fonts folder in the memory card like how it was on UIQ2/P910i.

You just take took the Tahoma.ttf font from Windows Fonts directory (or just search for tahoma.ttg) and copy it 4 times and then rename each file to:


Then placed them in your memory card under the directory of Resource/Fonts (You may have to create it).



This will give you the ability to read Arabic. The only problem is that you lose Bold and Italic font styles and the font is bigger in the system.

It isn’t a perfect fix, but a quick one till I can find a font that has the 4 font styles and Arabic structure in it.

16 thoughts on “Getting Arabic in You P990i and M600”

  1. Are you limited to the Tahoma font? Otherwise you could put another TTF and still have bold/italics.

    I did the same thing to enable arabic on the 770. I had to copy over arabic truetype fonts .. then everything worked.

  2. I’ve made some cool fonts that support bold and italic
    also a java keyboard for wriiting in arabic please viisiit us at

  3. hi
    to read arabic text in a p990i yu recommand to copy the tahoma font in a ressource/fonts path. but I couldnt create the directoty “ressource/fonts” neither on the phone memory root nor on the memory stick root . can yu help me please. shall I create it within any other existing directory?
    thank yu for your help

  4. I tried to create the folder Resource on my Memory
    card, but a message “can’t create folder” always

    what is the problem.


  5. You can not create new folder because your phone is in Phone mode. Go to control panel > conectivity > USB and pick File transfer from the drop down meny. Now create a Folder named Resources and subfolder in it named Fonts. In folder fonts copy the font and restart the phone. That’s all

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