Saudi Boys on Parade

Met with Saudi Jeans and somehow ended up in a parade for the Saudi independence day and oh the confusion with the boys.

Threy were dancing in cars wacing flags even saw a Land Cruiser in green. It was a really fun scene but seemed that they were confused on what to do & how to do it.

Ugh tired need to be up & ready in 6 hours.

2 thoughts on “Saudi Boys on Parade”

  1. Dare I ask, were there any women in / at the parade? Or even watching the parade? It seems to be more like Saudi male independence day!

    Hope you were able to wake up early!

  2. Thats the funny part. We were driving down the street, and the car next to us had music blasting and doing this little dance. Guys were out of their car and had their faces covered to not be seen and just wild antics.

    So Itell my friend “where are the females? In Kuwait we do the same thing, but we do it to get the attention of girls.”

    He just shruged and smiled it off.

    Guess thats how life is in a pressure cooker.

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