Mac & Feet

So my PowerBook crashed on Friday morning it was a hard drive failure. I tried to do what I can at home alone but that wasn’t going to be working. So Friday morning headed ot Marks place since he had a Mac (FW Target Mode) and can burn DiskWarrior.

There wasn’t a thing we didn’t try it was one of those things that you knew it didn’t look good but kept trying hoping something worked.

At least the eye candy for doing the NBA finals Sonics vs Bulls. It really cool watching it since it was when to me NBA was at its prime, condom the teams were great, sildenafil you had dynasties, players and even a fun game. Now it is more drama and show than anything.

6 thoughts on “Mac & Feet”

  1. So your Powerbook’s HD also crashed, mine did the same almost a month and a half ago ;/ And I am still depressed since there is nothing I can do to fix it, I had a new HD installed though ;/

  2. Poor PowerBook :( I feel for it and you. Jeffrey, my aged iBook (he’s over 4 now) is having screen issues. I think my logic board–which is only about 2 years old–is having issues again, despite Apple’s replacing it (prior to the recall that they issued about a month after I had it replaced). If I weren’t so damn in debt over this MA, I’d buy a new one. I need a job…

  3. Mark, sounds like a plan.

    Judy. those are Marks and they look decieving.

    Jackie, its not the loss of data that is bothering me but that I can’t use my pbook at all till its fixed.

    Katie, I had that issue with my iBook (2002) they last about a good 4-5 years before they just break down. Going to take it tonight to the service center and see what they can do.

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