Bye Bye Friday

Nothing sweeter than doing nothing much on a Friday but watch Bye Bye London.

It was made so long ago but the message is still clear and needed and the jokes never get old.

7 thoughts on “Bye Bye Friday”

  1. Funoon is the place to get it aswell as other Kuwaiti theater productions. It is located on 5th ring road in Salmiya. Just on the right side after the Passport roundabout going to Shuwaik.

    You can’t miss it.

  2. funoon does not sell dvd copies of any of their shit. You can ask Mac if they make copies or just go to Ri7ab in 7awali and you will find someone who already has it.

    *yibli menu thab7 Islami ;)*

  3. does funoon sell original dvds of bye bye london? i dont mind buying original.. do they have like a directors cut or some limited edition 20th anniversary version or something also?

  4. The directors cut comes with AbdulRedhas commentary…

    Directors cut? Limited Edition .. I would be suprised if you could find a clean enough copy to hear everything. I have it on wmv .. the quality is poor to say the least.

  5. wallah, I’m sorry to say this Mark, but Funoon never heard of the DVD invention yet. Let alone the special features and the fact that a video could be considered a collector’s item.

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