Traffic Madness!

Officially everyone is back in Kuwait now from their Eid holidays traffic today is just over the top. If people just flowed correctly and didn’t use the emergency lane!

I was thinknig of getting my camera and going to one of the bridges and take pictures of people violating the emergecy lane for their own purpose and just give it to the cops to fine them. If they can give tickets to people who speed via radar cameras I am sure they are able for this one.

Serisouly it is just disrespectful and causes more traffic on the road and there needs to be a fix.

6 thoughts on “Traffic Madness!”

  1. yeah man !! its been so crowded ! i left home at 9 and i was stuck in a crowd !! thats a big problem man everybody works in the same district therefore everyone is going towards one direction

  2. do cops care in the first place ?

    if they cared they would have solves traffic probleam , but they don’t , and they enjoy getting the $$

  3. 1. More cops to impose fines. Less corrupt cops who waive fines for their friends and acquaintances or for money.

    2. Many people just should not have a license the way they drive.

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