No Taste

After Saddam’s verdict yesterday it really didn’t feel like a real verdict. As we say in Arabic “mako dagam”, internist it had no taste or meat to it. Just the way the trial was created ran and televised, myocarditis you could tell it was a show.

But last night on BBC radio I heard something that really put it all into perspective. We shouldn’t look at this trial as just a trial against Saddam and what happened before operation Iraqi Freedom, but as a precedent on what will happen in the future. For when Iraq is back into it’s feet the people who commited the autrocities now will also be on trial for their actions just like they did to Saddam. Only then there will be some real reconicaltion for the deaths.

3 thoughts on “No Taste”

  1. when u say future, that will be decades from now, maybe not even in their lifetime nor ours. The problems there have just begun and they will only escalate with time. The whole trial was a joke but he deserved the verdict.

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