6 thoughts on “Finding Prosperity in Bahrain”

  1. hi just wondering how was it in bahrain?
    i am from bahrain and it surprises me when i read kuwaiti’s actually have fun here .. where do you go ? im curious lol are there places we bo7raini’s dont know of ? i admit i dont go out much maybe thats why… but still when i read how q8’s like it here im happy they do .. but i cant help wondering .. where do they go?
    i hope you did enjoy your time here .. and 7ayak allah anytime :)

  2. Lala, its just a nice place to go that is near by to change the scenery. I guess we just do regular stuff, go to restaurants visit malls and just walk around. Also the more times we go there the more friends we get to know and meet next time.

  3. its just how we bahrainis feel about kuwait lol
    near fun and a bit different :)
    i think part of it being nice is you dont see people you know but at the same time familiar culture.
    glad you enjoy it here .. i need a dose of kuwait .. soon

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