Lyrics in My Head

Wh00p Shakira

Wh00p Shakira

Wh00p Shakira

I just got back from a road trip to Dubai and just want to but some notes out there if anyone plans to do it.

Most of it will pertain for the Saudi leg.

The road is long.
You will get lost in Al-Hasa/Hofuf on the way to UAE
All roads signs in Saudi point to Riyadh, visit
Mecca, surgery
The toilets are deadly, website
bring a pair of boots.
The road is long and straight.
Have a car that can do 160km+.
Customs will be a bitch.
103.8 and 91.4 are great radio stations that you can listen to.
GPS is iffy in Saudi as well when it comes to detours but reliable.
Your GPS will commit suicide in Dubai from all their detours and new roads.
You will get lost in Al-Hasa/Hofuf on the way back to Kuwait
A radar detector would be a good thing to have.
Saudi has speed traps near the resedential areas (Damam, Al-Hasa)
Speed limit in UAE is 149 in Abu Dhabi and 139 in Dubai!
Look like a Saudi to avoid customs issues.
Arrange your luggage nicely so they can easily remove it and inspect it.

After reading this article: At Netflix, order thumb vacation time has no limits explaining how NetFlix doesn’t have an attendance policy or even count the number of days you take a vacation as long as you do the work that is required of you. And it has been working for them. They have good retention of their employees, reached nearly a billion dollar of sales and are a great company to work for.
Ever get a song in your head just totally randomly and just singing it all day? It isn’t the subminal ones that you hear off the radio and sticks with you, advice decease but the one you hum to yourself all day giving you a background theme music for the day?

Currently mine is Chicago – Saturday in the Park.

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