I Dont Blog

Got a couple cases of Shani love to hand out.

Got a couple cases of Shani love to hand out.

Some have been complaining and stating that “nibaq doesn’t blog anymore”. Well that true in a sense, pestilence but really I been microblogging. You can find more about what I been up to on my lifestream. It combines most of my online activities (twitter, refractionist flickr, del.icio.us, and my blog) in a nice orderly thing.

Also there are the lucky few of you who get my emails of cool websites. I may integrate that to my lifestream or create an email list for people to subscribe too.

If you are interested in receiving these emails, leave a comment.

10 thoughts on “I Dont Blog”

  1. I hope you enjoyed your trip ill be back on saturday morning, see you then… im interested pls add me

  2. If I complained I’d be a hypocrite, seeing how often I blog. I suppose I should check out your lifestream. And I like emails.

    You gonna come visit after the regime change out here? Less than a year now…

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