Bill Gates Email Rant on Windows

I love this rant of Bill Gates when he tries to download Movie Maker from the Microsoft website. Just the hassles and and issues he has and at the end he gets no where. It just make me glad I moved to Mac OSX ages ago. Just comparing it mentally to how a Mac does it makes me smile and know an angel just got their wings. Thou I am glad that Bill Gates is the one writing this so we know that even he suffers when using windows.

An epic Bill Gates e-mail rant

6 thoughts on “Bill Gates Email Rant on Windows”

  1. I am surprised by the way he writes his email and the choice of words he uses, sounds very hmm how should I say it, like telling a story of what he has done, and who the heck is Amir!

  2. sounds like bill gates doesn’t use windows either……

    I’ve found slackware more user friendly than windows at times ….

  3. Microsoft products are not user-friendly, but because they’re popular, people have already learned how to cope with their flaws.

  4. well he is the boss and he has to manage the people things are not as simple now since theres more people to do things then just 2 lol

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