The Joy of Summer in Kuwait

It was at 50C for the 15 minute drie from work to my house. My car temp is limited to 50 so must have been in the mid 50s atleast.

8 thoughts on “The Joy of Summer in Kuwait”

  1. I never thought I’d say “it’s a dry heat” and mean it, but damn at 51C/125F, 1% humidity is a real nice thing. I dread it being 30/90 in Texas this weekend, with the humidity up at god only knows what it’ll be.

    And you know you’re always welcome to come visit if you’d like to see green pastures again :)

  2. اممممممم هذي حزة دوام
    ما جربت 50 و لا 52 الساعه 10 بالليل !
    وااااي و هالبرج كل ما و ينزل هالدرجه يقصون علينا

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