Hawali Monsters Kuwait Fantasy Football Champions!

It was a hard fought competition but I made it to the playoffs and the finals and held to the first place record all the way through the league. I would like to give credit to my other opponents they gave a great challenge especially by picking up star players and leaving with with a team duds, visit web oldies and second stringers. One of my guys even shot himself in the leg!

Thou I would like to give credit to my opponent in the finals. I called it a “final of equals” I had respect for his team. They were good solid picks especially since he had the least amount of trades during the whole year. You have to respect a team like that. At the end it went down to our kickers. His from Green Bay and mine from Chicago. I was getting the scores via my phone at 5am in the morning so it was tense for me. I didnt know Chicago blocked the Fg attempt and moved it to overtime where my kicker sealed it.

Here is final line up that won me the championship:
Tyler Thigpen (KC – QB)
Davone Bess (Mia – WR)
Dwayne Bowe (KC – WR)
Isaac Bruce (SF – WR)
Pierre Thomas (NO – RB)
Ricky Williams (Mia – RB)
Tony Gonzalez (KC – TE)
Bernard Berrian (Min – WR)
Robbie Gould (Chi – K)
Philadelphia (Phi – DEF)

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  1. You did not get a chance to taste my balls, had I made it, you would have ;p, but someone else did :)

    Next year!!

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