Dar al shifa hospital is doing it somewhat wrong online or Online Marketing 101

Sometimes you got the choose the right words.

Sometimes you got the choose the right words.

I understand that you hear about these things called interwebs and like you have to advertise on it, ambulance but posting on just posting pictures on Flickr is wrong.

I see it as a good step for someone to search for a hospital in Kuwait and see your pictures. but not like this. Thou I do like the approach. What you need to do is give more detail on the hospital actually write a small brief on the pictures on what people are seeing.

Also take pictures of the rooms and facilities and link it all to your main website.

Creating a online presence of your company is not that hard or requires to pay someone an absurd amount of money for some flash and html 1.0.

Simply think about what you want to achieve and their solutions and ask yourselves “will it create a customer backlash”.

Personally I find the best thing is a human touch. People hate dealing with machines and automated responses. They want to have a feel that you are actually trying to reach out to them and not just attract them.

Actually thinking about it now the whole AIDA marketing system is broken online. The customer is already A Interested and has a Desire ware and doesn’t need your needless advertising to remind him and reading to make an Action. They simply want someone to reach out to them give them after market support even before they purchase anything. They want to be Satisfied even before they buy. They know the market and the competitors and the varying prices and willing to look past that as long as they feel they get a better interaction with the company that sold them the product.

One recent example that comes to mind is the Apple Stores and Zappos. They give you all the help you need even before you buy one of their products.