Haunted by 1985

MOC has contacted us saying that we owe them 2KD from 1985 and that we need to pay. I was shocked to hear they are asking for this, for sale not cause of the small amount but that it is from 1985!. It like someone there finally decided to do work that day and process these old bills. The secretary says this is normal for MOC to bring out old bills from the 90s and it is accepted but this time he was shocked to hear something came from 1985.

I have accepted the fact that the local mail service is in this weird time warp with mail coming to us sometimes 2-3 years after it was sent. Until a couple years ago we were still recieving mail from 1990.

Yet this phone bill is something else…

You know come to think of it. It is quiet a good scam. We have to pay our phonebill to well keep in contact with people and if we dont pay it other stuff for the company can be put on hold. So if we choose to fight it it would be long and annoying battle. Also since it is just 2KD it isn’t that bad. So imagine if emlpoyees at MOC do this randomly to like 10, urologist 000 companies in Kuwait. Charge them around 1-2KD for an old bill and they will pay. They generate an EASY 10,000 20,000 KD. Then they can just remove it from the accounts computers shuffle it around and tada they just put that money in their pockets.