Super Long Feelings Movie

Taking my brain to get fixed.

Taking my brain to get fixed.

I just came back from watching the latest Superman movie, there Superman Returns and have to say it was just way to long and way too many feelings and just didn’t make me feel all warm and gooey inside.

There something about movies involving super heroes or any hero for that matter. You should always leave the movie theater saying “__Hero Name_ KICKS ASS”. Think about it, when you left the Batman Begins you were saying Batman KICKS ASS, when you left Spider-man, you said Spider-man KICKS ASS,

Cause when the final credits starts rolling, you have this feelings of amazement, admiration and respect for our hero.

Superman sadly gave me none of those feelings at the end. All I felt was like screw this I am going home. Which is sad cause the characters were great and even the beginning of the movie had so much promise and options but the producers/writers/director just let all these feelings get in the way and forgot that we came to see Superman kick some ass.

The only hope I had at the end of the movie was they left lots of options for a sequel and hoping they do it a lot better than this one.

5 thoughts on “Super Long Feelings Movie”

  1. Yikes!

    Hollywood is wringing out every last bit of imagination and creativity they can from their writers…but it’s all dry.

    I think they need to chill on the superhero stuff for about two years. That way, when they come out with a new movie in 2 years, it will be more imaginative and refreshing.

    Of course, cooperation like that would require a Union, and perhaps a bit of communism. But this is Hollywood. Capitalism at its prettiest.

  2. I told you,m you could have been in bed if you listened to me, but you listened to fractpurple

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