I signed up with Flickr since July and never done anything about
it. So finally annoyed that there isn’t many pics of Kuwait I signed up and uploading and tagging them

You see Flickr uses this thing called “tags” which allow you to associate pictures to names. Example m
y earlier picture of sushi and sheesha
. I tagged it as Kuwait Sushi and She
. So if anyone does a search for those things they will see that pic.

You can also upload pics to Flirckr and use their blog funciton to post those pics to your blog (Blogg
er Supported) which I find handy for when you email them entries.

So if you join be sure to also join the Kuwait Group so we can share our pics with everyone else.

Also I added a Seeing category on the sidebar of
my random Flickr pics
for you to enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Flickr”

  1. I actually signed on yesterday since I can’t use hello on linux but I think it is easier on the bandwi
    dth if I just stuck to DA


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