At Airport

About to board.

At Airport

About to board.

In Amsterdam so busy with work and stuff haven’t had a chance to go out and explore the city much. I t
hink tomorrow I will have time to go out during the day and wander around and take pictures and stuff.

I been spending my time with work, emergency and the companies I am visiting. They have been really fun and well
“horrible” (that is a personal thing for me). I think they are using me an excuse to have fun but the
y have been really good and just really making it fun for all of us.

I love Amsterdam for a simple reason you dont need a car here, you can easily manage with a bike, walk
ing and even taking the train/tram. I love that. I do enjoy owning a car and driving long distances, b
ut really what I enjoy more is just being able to walk and smell the roses every know and then. Sadly
in Kuwait you can’t do that when you driving 120+ and have your windows rolled up to keep th heat out.

I plan to govisit some musuems here tomorrow they are having some night special for everything seems l
ike it will be fun to do. Will find some people to join me, still waiting a phone call from someone so
I can meet them (hint hint).

3 thoughts on “AMS”

  1. hmm what if that person did not have your number, then what would he do? or she do?

  2. Go to Esprit cafe….great food and great place to sit out side if the weather nice….if you don’t kn
    ow where it is just let me know…next to it there book store you can grap someting befor you go ther

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