Dead Tired

Tire Reaper

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I like how they keep it to the point in english & a long story in arabic.

Just got home from a ten hour ISO training class and just brain dead. My brain offical stopped working around 2:30, case prescription lunch was heavy at the Lebanese restauratn Ayam Zaman at the Holiday Inn. Good food and nice place, dosage worth visiting again. So like as son as we got back to the meeting room it was a slow brain drain to napping. I think I took a quick 30 minute nap in the class, hemorrhoids I’d wake up flip the page then just nod back to sleep. I’d look around and see other people in the same situation as I was. That nap got me enough energy to stay awake for the rest of the day, but my brain was just dead. No more information could get in. I really tried to write notes and pay attention but after 8 hours you can’t handle it anymore.

There was this one guy before the thing started in the morning saying we should just gun it. Be really quick, no breaks and quick lunch. He was nuts! No breaks and just rushing it would have killed us sooner.

So once home I was just annoyed, parents were asking me random stuff that they should have already had the answesr for and I would reply back to their simple question with simple answers. Need to go out and get some RnR, someplace outside where I can see the sky. Being stuck in that small room with the windows shades down really gets to you.

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  1. Are you talking about Ayam Zaman at Holiday Inn Salmiya or Farwaniya?

    The one in Salmiya has a terrible interior. Very un-Lebanese, everything is Italian and the lighting at night is just non exisistant.

    Tang Chao has a much nice interior but the food wasn’t good at all.

    Nat signed up for the gym there btw..

  2. Ayam Zaman in Salmiya, the decor was nice, simple. And un lebanese? Then what do you call Burj Al-Hamam? I and the people who were with me all enjoyed the food, great mezzat

    Will try Tang Chao tomorrow.

    I was going to check out there gym looked pretty good, location is great as well and has parking!

    K, it was last year when I rode with Carl in his VW bus around northern Spain.

  3. I never said Burj Al Hamam had Lebanese decor but with a name like Ayam Zaman you would expect a traditional setting you know..

    You will probably like Tang Chao because you like the Nintendo DS.

    The gym is in an excellent location for us and its extremely cheap at the moment because of their special offer, check it out tomorrow, this way if you sign up we can go swimming together and have a cold drink at the swimming pool bar while I explain to you once again how the PSP will kick the DS’s ass.

  4. first… burj al hamam has a typical lebanese name as well
    second…. nibaq? are u shopping around for another club? what happened to palms?

  5. thats Life ! .. we have to Get used to it ! .. tough.. boring .. SillY ..Fun .. its ReallY mixed up ! .. o Hatha awaaL i6ireeJ ;D .. lOOK WHOS Talking 15 years old girl :p

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