Zajil Int’l Service

Just got this SMS from Zajil

Enjoy your holidays with the Fastest WiFi Internet Service in the Middle East at over 60 Hot spots for only 200fils per hour

So visited their that link and see that they have updated their rates and the 200fils is a special 5kd card that will give you an all day pass.

Their other rates are:

  • 1.5KD for 1 Hour (1.5KD per hour)
  • 5KD for 6 Hours (833 fils per hour)
  • 10Kd for 15 Hours (666 file per hour)
  • 5KD 1 Day pass (200 fils per hour)

I dont know about you but that 1.5KD per hour sound like a really bad scam. They should move their rates to:

  • 1.5Kd for 3 Hours
  • 5Kd for 10 Hours
  • 10Kd for a week pass
  • 15 for a monthly pass

That will actually create more differentiation in their pricing structure and be suitable for both regular coffee drinkers and traveling business men. Oh and coffee shops can hand out 30minute cards to their customers.

2 thoughts on “Zajil Int’l Service”

  1. day pass is like for one day ?
    what if i want to use it but on many days

    i’m still using my Qnet Wifi card

    Zajil mentality didn’t change from Kems days it seem , milk it hard and don’t give a shit about customers

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