Which Stage of the Group are You?

Lambs for Slaughter

Originally uploaded by nibaq.

Lambs for Slaughter

Originally uploaded by nibaq.

Yesterday I was having a conversation with someone over group dynamics and I mentioned the the group dynamic structure of Forming-storming-norming-performing

  1. Forming: The beginning stage where everyone is an individual and setting their goals and resources needed to achieve it.
  2. Storming: This is where the group starts facing problems and limits are being pushed and tested.
  3. Norming: Here is when the group starts to meld, buy more about and they really start to know their roles and other people in the group.
  4. Performing: It all comes down to this, sale having the team achieve the goals set.

Then there is the 5th stage of Adjourning and Transforming where the group well dies out, the job, goal they were doing just ends and they move on to other things.

After learning this in college and seeing it work and actually work in my group. I always mentally reference this information when I see groups interact trying to figure where they are. Yet, just because you seem people storming doesn’t mean they are in that stage, cause the cycle repeats for situations that arises such as goal or roles changes.

Storming is one of the most difficult stages to really move out of. It is really about well submitting at times. You have to deal with what the group is and give up some of your individual rights and abilities for the better of the group. Some people can’t do that and the group is stuck there.

We were taught methods on how to deal with it and nudge and push the group forward. Basically it involves talking and hearing the other person out. Lots of little notes on that and that crap. Yet sometimes it works.

So where are you in your group development? In your circle of friends, families and even just relationship. Are you stuck in the storming stage? Or achieved performing?

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