Telegram for Mr. Mongo

This is an interesting piece of news that got my mind coming up with a viable replacement. Seems thatWestern Union abandons telegrams. I thought the USA stopped telegrams ages ago and Kuwait was the only one still going at with “barqeeya” for funerals and births. You can even see these old machines with a staff waiting for an event to write something in the Telco offices that really serve no purpose.

So here is my idea and SMS->Telegram service. SMS is a great way to communicating but it is not well it is not “official” as a telegram or letter. There is still that question of “did they receive it?”. So with an SMS->Telegram service you can guarantee the receiver receiving it and leaves a hard copy trail for legal purposes.

All is needed is an SMS to the number with name, viagra sale
address, and then the message. Well actually you can even skip the name, address and just have the receivers telephone number. Then a simple SMS can be sent to him requesting their delivery address or they can choose to pick it up.

It will be quick, formal, and legal notification. I think this could be a very viable business opportunity.

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