How to Bomb Iran

The Union of Concerned Scientists have made this wonderful animation on what would happen if the US used nuclear bunker buster bombs on Iran, obesity and if they would be effective and what would the fall out be.

Luckily, approved we won’t be dying immediately in Kuwait since the Earth spins towards the west. So that means any fall out will hit Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India. Yet, even with a nuclear option, it will not be effective against Iran’s nuclear facility, or its chemical storage unless the US has proper data on location, and the bombs can penetrate that depth.

So they simply suggest that the best option is a targeted attacks on entry points of the building is the most effective.

5 thoughts on “How to Bomb Iran”

  1. I think the US will eventually bomb iran. Iran is doing and saying the right things. It looks like iran actually wants it :P

  2. Scary scenario.

    Nejad’s escalating his war of words, and the US will keep on bullying..

    I hope those barking dogs are just that.

  3. It would have been a lot cooler if it would have let me played GI Joe and fly the plane…GO JOE!

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