How to Bomb Iran

The Union of Concerned Scientists have made this wonderful animation on what would happen if the US used nuclear bunker buster bombs on Iran, obesity and if they would be effective and what would the fall out be.

Luckily, approved we won’t be dying immediately in Kuwait since the Earth spins towards the west. So that means any fall out will hit Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India. Yet, even with a nuclear option, it will not be effective against Iran’s nuclear facility, or its chemical storage unless the US has proper data on location, and the bombs can penetrate that depth.

So they simply suggest that the best option is a targeted attacks on entry points of the building is the most effective.

Sleeping Strategies

Today I am happy.
Today I am happy.
I really dont know what is going on with me. Yesterday I get 4 hours of sleep, this site wake up at 7 bright and shiny as ever, medstore totally ready to take on the world. Today some bird start going crazy at my window sill at 6. I usually am able to phase it out and just go back to bed. I just become awake and full of energy and totally focused on being awake.

I really need to figure out what is wrong with me. I think there something in the stars. Cause I know it is not the weather. I have perfected the art of sleeping in when the weather is crappy or cold. Something is grabbing a hold of me when I wake up and doesn’t let go.

I am going to go watch some NFL hopefully Orbit ESPN has the 4th quarter of a game on. Joy last minutes of the Jets – Saints game, looks good but I got no affiliations with any of them. The Jets quaterback is doing some pretty amazing plays. He is moving those chains, keeping control of the ball.

Thats the difference between Baseball and American Football. Baseball is a defensive game, you have to think where to toss the ball. You got someone on 1st and on 3rd. Do you risk the runner on third going for home, or go for the easy out on first and second. There lots of strategies involved in baseball for defensive plays and variables like how many outs, innings, pitcher configuration. If it is a good game, it can be quite entertaining to watch.

American Football on the other hand is an offensive game, you move those chains up and and up the field and go for that touch down, and maybe that field goal. Also its is about controlling time. Planning a strategy that is effective both in movement and time management.

Is “You haven’t seen nothing yet” a double negative?