Alan Moore’s Vendetta

Lately I been seeing lots of great articles and interviews of Alan Moore writer of the graphic novel V for Vendetta that has been made in to amovie starring Natalie Portman. (One thing that has really inrigued me with all this is that the marketing people have been pushing this as “Natalie Portman’s movie”. Seriously, tadalafil you’d think she is playing every character and the crew of the movie just by shaving her head).

There is a lot to this movie than what is in the press releases and the hype around it. One is that Alan Moore has demanded his name be removed from the movie and that he doesn’t want any royalty money at all from it due to the nature of how bastardized the story line is compared to his orignal work. For me this was proven with his From Hell. The only things in common with the movie and his historic book was that it had Jack the the Ripper and was in London, medical other than that the whole story was completely different.

If you plan to go see the movie I suggest you read this great interview with Alan Moore (part 1) (part 2) over the issue and his view of the story and the message he was conveying and his hate for the American comic industry and Hollywood.

I suggest that everyone pick up his book and read it, cause I dont think a movie of 132 minutes can capture the 286 pages of rich story line.