Kuwait Blogs under the Microscope

If you recall a couple months ago we were all asked to do a survey by Noor Ali-Hasan for help on her thesis. Well I am happy to say that she has finally posted it: Analyzing the Social Patters and Behaviors Associated with Blogrolls and Blog comments.

I casually glanced through it this morning and have to say if it some fascinating stuff. She compares our Kuwait blogosphere, drug with UAE’s and Dallas Fortworth/Texas (DFW) and has come up with some interesting observations on the data.

While I was reading it I couldn’t help getting this feeling that I was on a psychologists couch asking if I have sexual thoughts about gophers as Noor is smoking a cigar.

I am really happy about this paper for it gives Kuwait Blogs a stronger identity by defining our interactions. One thing that I found intriguing in the study, buy more about is that we had more similarities to the DFW blogosphere compared to the UAE one. I think they could be due to the homogeneity of our blogospheres.