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Went to graveyard in the afternoon to attend a burial. The place grows & grows. There were 5 burials going on at the same timc


Originally uploaded by nibaq.

Went to graveyard in the afternoon to attend a burial. The place grows & grows. There were 5 burials going on at the same timc

I been wanting to do one of these for ages, gerontologist especially before my upgrade to Tiger so I can remember what to install again. Luckily Om Malek started a meme on his top ten Mac apps. I posted a comment on my 10, symptoms but after some consideration I revised mine, nurse and added more info and my reasons for it and here it is:

Quicksilver: I dont know how my Mac usage would be without this great app. It just allows me to do everything from the keyboard. I can open files, launch/quit applications, access my bookmarks, have a clipboard catalog and just so much more. If this isn’t in your Applications folder then you are really missing out.

Adium: This is the best chat client for Mac. It just works. One feature that I love is the chat window with Tabs. So instead of having multiple chat windows scattered all over my screen I have just one with tabs in the bottom of the people who I am talking to. A quick Apple Left/Right allows me to switch between them. Also that it supports almost every type of IM system is also an added plus.

TextWrangler: BBedit’s younger brother, but still a powerful and rich text editor. I like using this editor for its ability to open and saves on remote servers, and having a tabbed option. This allows me to access a file on the server, while keeping a control copy on my side to compare what I am doing with what is happening. And to make sure what I am doing is right, it has syntax coloring. These features haven’t even scratched the surface of what it can really do.

OmniWeb: This is my offical web broswer. I can talk about it features over and over again, but if you have to ask, then you wouldn’t understand.

NetNewsWire Lite: I love this RSS aggregator it is light, quick and easy on the eyes, and takes very little CPU and its FREE! It is so simple to use, just hitting Spacebar to move from post to post and if it is a long post it does a page down.

iTerm: I love I am on the CLI regularly, either accessing my servers, or chatting on IRC, but it has its restrictions, like no ANSI, or the PageUp/Down options; so it can be quite aggravating. iTerm fixes all those little problems and gives you much more like tabbed options and bookmarks.

Cocoalicious: I am a fiend. I have the bookmarklet on all my browsers. It is really the only way to bookmark for me now. I enjoy it since I can maneuver from multiple PCs, and browsers and still have my bookmarks. Also it allows me to continue reading what I started somewhere else. Since all my browsers support RSS they are a quick click away. Yet the main issue I have is trying to find old bookmarks, or even just categorizing my new ones properly. Cocoalicious allows me to access my bookmarks on my Mac. It sorts them as tags, or I can for search them, then edit them on the fly from the program without having to visit to do it.

Growl: Growl isn’t an app per se, but a system notification utility. I currently have it setup to inform me when I receive new IMs in Adium, this way I dont have to flip over to the other desktop to see what that person said. I also have it to inform me when I receive new mail and it shows From, Subject, and a few lines from the message. Also I have it with Dictionary, just Apple-F and it will lookup the word and inform me of the definition without having to actually open and see it. Growl has a lot of features for many more apps, but this is what I just use it for.

Services Manager: I dont know how this little program existed under the radar for so long. This thing is a savior. When OSX first came out and that services menu was all shiny and simple. You could do quick web searches, create text documents from selected text etc with just a keystroke. Yet as more and more programs incorporated their options to the Services menu and it just got all cluttered. This program will remove that clutter, and redefine the keystrokes to access them. According to some people your boot time will also get faster since OSX isn’t checking for services that are on if you have many applications.

Desktop Manager, this I can consider my killer app for mac usage. I just love the ability to have more than one desktop active. I currently have 3 desktops. One just for my web sufring, the other for messaging (IM, Mail etc) and the other misc for Finder, and other apps. So switching between them is a breeze just a quick key stroke and some cool visualazation and I am on another desktop with those active apps. This is great if you are a power user, or have a small screen like a laptop and running too many windows and can’t conentrate on each one.

Notable Mentions:
VLC, mPlayer, MacStumbler, Smultron, Imagewell, TinkerTool, X Resource Graph, SideTrack.

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