2.0 06

This is from Google Video and I laugh because it is true.

Well moved to WordPress 2.0 had some issues with plugins, see more about but thats just me not reading directions and well I got clutter up on this blog. I really dont like their update process really a hassle if you have other directories and structures that aren’t part of the blog.

Thinking of getting a new theme and set it up again with some other plugins and features. The one I am using was supposedly temp until I fixed colors and other stuff. I will look at some templates and see what is available, really main thing is to clean up the plugins and do a real update.

One thought on “2.0 06”

  1. yeah i was thinking of doing something similar. I already setup WP2 on another site and it seems to be running nicely with my plugins. Only thing is now I am thinking with my move to WP2 to get a new theme and thats going to take some time…

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