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I just signed up for 30 Boxes online calendar web appl after reading some reviews on it on the blog circuit. I ussually always try any new web app to see what it is and how it forms and such. Most of the time what I read about it just pure hype and the thing just doesn’t have that appeal to it.
Well 30 Boxes is AMAZING. Everyone should join this thing, prosthesis this is the Flickr (which it also intergrates with) of calendars.

One example on how easy and wonderful it is by adding a date. you just do Kuwait National Day Feb 25 repeat yearly tag Kuwait this will make Feb 25 marked as Kuwait National Day and repeated yearly with the tag of Kuwait.

It is really that simple and so smooth. You can also have Buddies and share your calenders with. This is something that I am going to have my friends do since we have such varied schedules and it is tough to coordinate or even know what they are doing.

If you are looking for a great calendar app then this is it. I think what makes it so specail that it integrates with your life. I have my blog on there, flickr pics and soon my friends.

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  1. and its advantages over other calendar apps like ical and my calendar on my pda are? None.. unless you think the option to share you calendar with a friend online is useful. I dont see how that is. Everyone has a different schedule and different calendar and there is no practical purpose of sharing it with a friend. Why would you care if February 3 a client of mine has hosting due, why would I care if Feb 4 you have dentist appointment.

    I must be missing something here because I think 30 boxes is just stupid like the idea of tagging tags.

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