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One of my hobbines and
3G mobiles ‘change social habits’
One of my hobbines and
3G mobiles ‘change social habits’
I dont know why, page but I enjoy the home quiet and well no one here. Not sure why exactly, online could be due that it is always full and this something different. So maybe I am appreciating the quietness of it, or know how the quiet and alone feels so I can appreciate the noise and crowds when they are here.
Could be also cause it reminds me of my college years where I lived alone and this was a regular occurrence, me being alone in my apartment. Watching a movie, or something or other. Truth be told that I never did spend much time in my apartment. It was more of a way point more than anything, stop there to do laundry, change clothes , sleep, eat rest up and move out again. Even sleep was rare there. I mostly slept at my friends place near school to avoid traffic and get to my early classes on time or was out and about in the city.

A friend left today, I didn’t get a chance to say good bye to him, but thats just us in some sort of weird way. I really just wanted to call him and saying he is an idiot for going back there again especially if he hated it so much. I guess he missed it in some sort of weird way. This time I plan to visit and make him suffer.

I guess that is what has been bothering me and well thinking about for a while. Spending time with people (I like using that tag). There are people I spend time with on a regular basis and accepted to it. Then there are ones I rarely see at all, we just drifted apart in some sort of weird way (3). Some I hate spending time with but do it anyway. Some I want to see but our schedules dont match, or they are just too far away. Some that I just want to spend time with them and no one else but them. Then there are others that are just there.

Is there some sort of magic formula to define it, or rules to explain it. How do you pick and choose? Or do you just not and spend time alone.

Think I will sleep with AC on tonight.

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  1. I know what you mean?! I’ve got so many different groups of friends that sometimes I can’t go out with each group and tend to drift away from them or rarely contact them!

    Not being able to get around is another reason why I can’t do anything!

  2. My way of keeping up with more than one friends group, is by spending time with who contact me first and go with the flow.

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