I Believe in a a Better Bluetooth Headset

Electricity in Mishref got cut off around 2:30.
Electricity in Mishref got cut off around 2:30.
Electricity in Mishref got cut off around 2:30.
I have issues with bluetooth headsets. I really do enjoy them when I am in the car or at work for it really great to have your hands free to drive, surgery
and write notes respectively. Yet my main issue with them is I really hate wearing my headset when I am walking around or with people and it is not in use. It feels awkward and also in my opinion rude and ugly. The only options for it is to either use one of those necklace type holders or put it in your pocket, no rx
which makes it cumbersome to remove and well use.

Well I have a solution, a watch type system. Basically you have this bracelet that allows for the bluetooth headset to remain in an area for quick access and some headsets have a screen on them to show you who is calling so you can even get that information from it. One other feature is that it can also function as a watch.

This way you can simply wear it around your wrist as a watch and as soon as you receive a call you just remove it and place it in your ear then when done return it.

4 thoughts on “I Believe in a a Better Bluetooth Headset”

  1. Heh, rude and ugly!

    I just think it’s weird. I’ve had people looking straight at me and after a few seconds, I realized that they had that thing in their ear.

    I like the watch thing. I think in a few years, those things will be implanted in our ears.

  2. I dont really think it is rude, but then again I have gotten used to using the headset. I drive a manual so the bluetooth headset is a savior really!

    But when I walk around after a little bit I do take it off, but if I get a phone call I put it back on and answer. It makes things pretty easy, but I dont use it if I dont need it sort of thing!

  3. fuck the headsets! I like to put my phone next to my ears so that I can flex my biceps! ;)

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